Recruitment & Selection Process

  1. Monthly needs analysis conducted at each hospital
  2. Workforce planning agreed ( Includes requirements)
  3. Recruitment activities are planned to ensure correct staff are acquired
  4. Launch of various recruitment initiatives to source staff as per the workforce plan
  5. Interviews conducted by Recruitment officer as well as Clinical Facilitator
  6. Candidate interview on CBI and Clinical Facilitation evaluation done
  7. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by CEO as final approval
  8. Successful Candidates
    • Credit and Criminal checks completed
    • Reference checks are completed
    • Qualification checks completed
    • SANC checks are completed
    • Occupational Health questionnaire completed
    • All on-boarding checks are completed
  9. All successful candidates to attend compulsory 5 day orientation program which includes an assessment

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Recruitment and Selection Process